Hip Hop raw deal tee
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HipHop Is Not On The Radio, Tee

Hip Hop raw deal tee
My boy G The Promoter is making big moves with his Raw Deal Tees brand! He’s building a dope crew of riders for his BMX team, collaborating with the Wu-Tang Clan brothers and dropping dope T-Shirts like this “HipHop Is Not On The Radio” tee! G is a true HipHop head and BMX 4 Life and it’s awesome to see him building his movement! Stay tuned for more!

Radio is trying to sell you “lyrical Fast Food” and pass it off as “Hip Hop”…. .bring back the days of REAL MC’s that spit lyrics and make you think…. like KRS One, Nas, Rakim, Wu-Tang, Public Enemy, etc! Rock this shirt and show that Hip Hop is alive in the underground and not this nuetered “Simple Simon” BS that Radio Programers are shoving down our throats 24/7 and trying to brain wash us with!

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