zb freestyle board

Can’t Skate? Get A ZB Freestyle Board (@tuckertoys)

Tucker Toys had a booth set up at Toy fair NY with a bunch of cool products on display.  One of those cool products was the ZB Freestyle Board which is basically a mix of a skateboard and a hopper. It’s a really good way for amateurs skaters to get into doing some skateboard tricks with less risk of looping out. There’s also a bunch of tricks you can do on it that you can’t do on a skateboard due to its Dual-Sided Board and Durable High-Bounce Ball. You can do big Ollies, 360’s and Board Flips on almost any surface and even the grass. In the video above I had a chance to get Tucker Toys president Mike Goldman to tell me all about the ZB Freestyle Board.
zb freestyle board

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