purge keithan jones

Illustraion: Purge by Keithan Jones

Writer Roosevelt Pitt posted a new promo ad/ illustration of his comic book character Purge on facebook today at it looks dope! The Illustration was drawn by the talented Keithan Jones. The illustration was done in conjunction with a Kickstarter that Roosevelt started to get his graphic novel “Purge: Past Unspoken” finished.
purge page
About Purge:

In Purge: Past Unspoken, Purge comes face to face with his questionable past and the hidden truths that lie within the city he protects. Overwhelming odds mount, when a genetic agent is created with the potential to eliminate two tenths of the world’s population. With the fate of the world at stake, and a clandestine group bent on his demise, unsavory alliances are forged that will forever challenge his beliefs of what it means to be a hero.

Make sure you visit the Kickstarter page for Purge: Past Unspoken to find out much more detail on this graphic novel

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