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Independent Hall Comic Showroom NYC Oct 9-10th

With the upcoming, super popular New York Comic Con being as huge as it is, a lot of independent comic book creators, artist, illustrators, writer, publishers and even media outlet are finding it harder and harder to get in the door. So a group of independent comic creators decided to do an IndieCon for all the folks, cosplayers and vendors who can’t get in the NYCC. It will be held from October 9th-10th just a few blocks away from the the NYCC at 325 w. 38th street. Street level and 2nd flr. It’ll also be an after party spot for all you comic con goers looking for something to do after the event.

The after party is Saturday and they will be serving wine and a keg of brew. The after party is also merged with a Cosplay party so you know that’s gonna be live!!

This isn’t a competition. It’s a necessity because NYCC is barely even providing space for smaller companies these days.~Independent Hall

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