Black-Box Designs × Unbox Industries’s JagzZ -VareL- Figure!

We spotted this cool vinyl piece of this character named “Varel” sitting on top of an amp. Varel is a character from the JagzZ Universe created by Black-Box Designs. He is part of the “mischievous devil’s story” in the JagzZ universe and now Varel will be done in a dope vinyl sculpture. The piece is produced by Unbox Industries and it comes complete with the amp he’s sitting on however he’s missing his guitar. Varel will be making its debut at the upcoming Taipei Toy Festival this October. There might also be an online release in the near future. Stay tuned!

About JagzZ:
Conspicuously crowded town “JagzZ” in wine and music are mingled voices of laughter and anger always somewhere sound across … the small devil VareL lover mischief living in the house of the outskirts of the city and plan to always mischief only failure … Well, today will’re plotting to any mischief resound with mingled voices of laughter and anger somewhere today … here is conspicuously crowded town “JagzZ” in liquor and music

About Varel:
Small devil and loves small devil mischief and music. Main part of the hero. Various ways to attempt a mischief, but too spear always. Mischief Favorite other hand, in RosE had been alone a wanted loneliness I have also friendly one side that’ll not hear the guitar. You can ask me the guitar to BookeR, other have asked to variously teach, and he is a master and pupil relationship.

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