Nice Guys Finish, hired gun
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Mikal Amin – #NiceGuysFinish – (@hrapgun)

Spittin In Da Wip alumni Mikal Amin AKA “Hired Gun” dropped a new album for the masses called #NiceGuysFinish and it’s HipHop dopeness!

From pain comes ground. Through pain comes fire. In pain comes Breath. This pain is life.

This album is a product of love lost and love gained. Dues paid and pain owed. In 2010, I’d gone from my highest apex, to my lowest low. I begun writing. This collaboration with ZQ became an examination of the spirit. This is the record for those who show up. These are the songs of the willing. Hustlers, Strugglers, and Strivers alike. I want to thank treachery, jealousy, deception, love, mirrors and music for making this possible (and a most special thank you to Kiel Moyd, The Kennedy’s, The Smith’s, The Lee Family, Ranger, ESP, every artist who contributed to the record and of course, ZQ and Anna.. love y’all

Nice Guys Finish, hired gun

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