Skyway Tuffs Flange 9t

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Prototype Skyway 9 Tooth Cassette Wheel, Alloy Flanges

The innovative folks at Skyway are always working on new enhancements to their legendary Tuff Wheel’s. The latest is this prototype of their 9 tooth cassette on a set of mags with the alloy flanges. NICE!!

We hope Skyway makes these 9t’s for their Graphite Tuff Wheels too. But what we really want to see are some Graphite’s with a racing cog in it. That would be sweet. But hey the year is young, we know Skyway has a lot more up their sleeve for us this year.

Below is a video of Planet BMX rider Destin Kramer testing out the 9t prototypes.

Stay tuned for more info!
Skyway Tuffs Flange 9t 2

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