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Soundsci – All Hands On Deck – Is HipHop Dopeness (@soundsci)

We came across this hyped HipHop banger called “All Hands On Deck” by Sounds 7′ The track is on the B.Side of Soundsci’s single Ronin 7′ and it features Dj Woody & Mr Thing. This joint makes me wanna start breakin again, definitely a hype, party jam. THIS IS HIPHOP!!

About “All Hands On Deck”
“The flip side is the BBoy friendly, turntable frenzy of ‘All Hands on Deck’ featuring the nimble fingers of UK scratchmasters, DMC UK champion DJ MR Thing, DMC and ITF World champion DJ Woody alongside champion of nothing DJ Ollie Teeba. All exchanging scratch hooks between Audessey, Oxygen and UGeorge spitting extra hot 16’s over uptempo breaker’s beats.”

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