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Kevin Robinson 84 Foot Backflip Guinness BMX World Record

So we just happen to be up late last night browsing through the TV guide and saw Kevin Robinson was on ESPN2 for an Xgames related show. We thought it may have been some look back series of Kevin’s amazing career in BMX. Well it turns out that the show was all about Kevin attempting to break the Guinness BMX back flip world record of 62ft 2inches right in his home town of Providence R.I. Kevin was to be pulled by a quad down the block at about 40+ miles per hour and he was gonna launch this insanely massive gap.

His first try was hella sketchy from the second he pulled off the lip, you could see his bike going a crooked in the replay plus his bike did some weird bobble right before he hit the jump. He wound up coming up short and landed on top of the landing platform which made him bounce almost all the way over the landing. He hit a little part of the landing on the bottom and slammed his face into the bars and it looked like hie got knocked out for a second. Luckily Kevin was super padded up and after a few mins he was able to go for a second try.

Kevins second try was perfect. You could tell right away from his launch that this one was on point. He just clip the platform a little bit with his back tire but it didn’t mess him up at all. In the end Kevin destroyed the previous world record by back flipping 84 FEET!!!! That was EPIC!!! And like Kevin said in the video He’s a 44 year old retired athlete who just broke a world record in BMX Backflip!! SALUTE THAT MAN!!!

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