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FASTSTART Portable BMX Starting Gate

If you have slow gate starts (like me) but don’t have the budget for one of those expensive starting gates(like me) then the Freshpark fastStart portable practice starting gate is for you!! This super portable, fold-able starting gate takes the basic solo drop gate design but with a few enhancements and that is the “Gas-Pedal”. The “Gas Pedal” releases the gate when your back tire hits it when you roll back. It kinda forces you to make the perfect gate start. I’m one of those riders who never pulls back when I come out the gate, I use to back in the day but I lost that skill year ago lol. I tried doing gates on a home made starting hill but I could never do it right and just hit the gate. With the “Gas Pedal” feature I can definitely see it helping me with that…pretty cool!!

The FastStart will accommodate every wheel base from Balance Bike, BMX, Mini Cruiser, Full Cruise, to full Mountain Bike. Another cool thing is you don’t need any tools to adjust it, just pull two pins, adjust to where you want it, and put the pins back in. 36 adjustments in all.

Another thing I really like about this starting gate is they claim it can literally fit under a bed, in the trunk of a car, etc.. which is awesome!

Other features are a powder-coated cold rolled welded steel, rubber feet, folding legs, 68lbs, and able to fold up to a flat 5” x 19” x 40” platform. Plus it has a 1 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty.

At a price point of $299, you can beat it.
Find out more about the FastStart Practice Gate at

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