l.o.u. from queens , extasy

L.O.U “Extasy” Directed By Crazy Al Cayne

In another installment of the Sugar Cayne Experiment/Ruff Kut Video series, Crazy Al Cayne linked up with Spittin In Da Wip alumni and winner L.O.U. From Queens! Crazy Al sent L.O.U. an old beat from deep in his vault to spit some fire bars to. L.O.U. slayed the beat with 3 verses of rapid fire lyricism. The name of the track is “Extasy” and yes we spelled it that way on purpose lol, 😉

For the video Crazy Al wanted to get some nice, tagged up graffiti locations. Nothing better than a HipHop video with some graffiti in it 😉 . The video was actually shot a few years ago because they were looking for the perfect girl to be featured in it. But as you can see in the video Crazy Al found a dope effect to create a different take on the video chick.

Beat by: Sugar Cayne
Edited by: Crazy Al Cayne
Directed by: Crazy Al Cayne
Performed by: L.O.U. From Queens

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