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URP ‘Moto V1’ Belt Driven BMX Racing Dopeness!

UK based BMX Racing brand URP(Urban Race Parts) started posted some teaser photos of their new belt drive BMX racing bike, the “Moto V1” and it looks awesome!! Not only is it a belt drive bike it also come disc brake ready! We really like the company’s approach to handling the belt installation and removal via their unique dropouts:

“Both sides have a removable sliding puck to allow the use of the gates belt drive without the need for a break in any of the stays. This means we can run all available axle sizes. Also when the brake is set up it stays that way even if you need to adjust the chain or belt as it all moves as one.” ~URP
URP moto v1 belt setup
We’ve been looking through the URP Faebook Page to get as much info on the bike that’s been put out there:

“We are currently testing XL ( 21.25tt ) XXL ( 21.75tt ) and XXXL ( 22.25tt ) head angle is 74 deg but can be adjusted using and an angle adjust headset by + or – 1deg. Chainstay length can be adjusted from 14.75 all the way out to around 15.75 but it would be very easy for us to make shorter or longer pucks to suit a riders needs.” ~URP
URP moto v1 side white

So we’ve kept our Möbius drop out system designed by Gary Moore from speeder designs under wraps for a short while but…

Posted by URP ( urban race parts ) on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Also according to URP the XXL Frame weighs 4.3lbs including 12mm axle and the integrated chain tugs….Nice!!!
URP urban race parts Belt setup side
We can’t wait to see these bikes in person! There’s a lot of innovation happening with these new BMX racing bikes and we’re loving it!!
For the latest info and photos visit URP on their FACEBOOK PAGE!
urp moto v1 white

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