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VIDEO: Toney Bellissimo Clothing At Agenda NYC 2017

Brian Nelson of emerging clothing line Toney Bellissimo gave Crazy Al Cayne a tour of the company’s booth at Agenda
Show NYC!

One of the first items they checked out is their new carbon fiber heated jacket which features 3 heating settings. They also took a look at the Bellissimo belts, jeans, shirts, Hoodies, hats and women’s apparel. Bellissimo will be making it’s debut this year starting with their spring 2017 collection, be on the look out for that!

About Toney Bellissimo Clothing:
“Toney Bellissimo was established to inspire global unity through fashion.The Toney Bellissimo brand exemplifies quality, intelligence, and style.”

Find out more about Toney Bellissimo Clothing HERE
And check out all our photos from Agenda HERE

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