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Daylight Is Making 26inch BMX Racing Frames!!

If you went to the USA BMX Grand Nationals last November you might have seen BMX Hall Of Famer Turnell Henry racing with a 26inch version of the popular Daylight Arc C1! Yes Daylight Cycle Co. is making 26″  BMX frames and we love it! You know some people may get it twisted and think this is a Dirt Jumper and of course this bike will be able to handle all that too but this bad boy designed with the intention of BMX Racing.

We think that is important that daylight specifically made a 26inch frame for BMX Racing because at the end of the day  all those 26-29″ “Dirt Jumpers” and modern day mountain bikes ARE BMX Bikes in our opinion…..but we’ll save that conversation for another day 😉

All of the great features that are found on the 20″ ARC C1 frame can be found on the the 26er and of course the frame is coated in that awesome ceramic paint!
Here’s what we know so far.

FORKS: “It is tapered. 1.5”. Turnell is running a 1-1/8” S&M fork with a conversion crown race” ~Daylight Cycle Co.
Daylight cycle co 26 inch BMX Racer

We are making a true DJ. And this race cruiser is not tiny at all. In fact, Hall of Fame racer, Turnell Henry – whose bike it is – isn’t a small guy and neither is this cruiser with a 23” TT, etc. It’s a big bike, a big race bike. But that true DJ is indeed in the works. We should have first samples to see end of this month. We are offering both an adult large and a youth size. ~Daylight Cycle Co.
Daylight 26 inch BMX Race bike

The tapered headtube does more than provide for a tapered fork. The oversized bell shape creates a large surface area for our substantial, hydro-formed top and down tubes. The result is a stiffer, stronger front triangle without the need for any additional gussets. YESS has released and Box is about to release a tapered 24” Cruiser fork.  ~Daylight Cycle Co.
Daylight 26 inch BMX Racer
We have released two. One for our Race GM Turnell Henry and another to Tyler Brown for a customer of his. We held these two pretty close to the vest until Turnell had a chance to really ride and race it. Unfortunately, he crashed his at the Grands and determined one problem — the bike was just too fast! So for those that can handle it we are now taking reservations for the 26er in our next production run with a target delivery of March. Go online to reserve or call us at 844-733-8946 (844-SEE-U-WIN)! ~Daylight Cycle Co.

We can’t wait to see these on the tracks, streets, trails and mountains 😉

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