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Marvel “Black Panther” High Top Sneakers

Marvel/Walt Disney and ThinkGeek recently released a fresh pair of Black Panther inspired sneakers!! The high top kicks feature grey side panels with the Black Panther logo on them. A black colorway runs along the tongue through to the toe caps.
marvel-black-panther-sneaker side
A Marvel/Black Panther logo patch is found on the tongue and a Marvel logo is also located on heel in the mid-sole. Last but not least are the white laces and sole to complete the look.
Black Panther sneakers Heel
Now we know some of the sneaker snobs will try to hate on the kicks but we’re digging them. However we would’ve loved to see the kicks resemble more of Black Panther’s outfit with that vibranium blue and black leather but we’re not mad at them, Plus they’re only $49.99!! Nice!
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With all the futuristic technology at their disposal, the nation of Wakanda has created a true masterpiece. Incorporating style, comfort, and functionality this snazzy pair of high tops will help even the mightiest king protect his homeland… or at least walk from place to place while looking awesome. ~ThinkGeek

Marvel black panter sneakers laces

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