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Simple Bikes x TUAH Bamboo BMX Racing Bike!

Simple Bikes and Tuah BMX did a sick collaboration on a bamboo BMX racing bike called BMX Tuah. The frame is engineered for performance, aesthetics and high performance. It’s also shock-absorbent and lightweight.

The frame is constructed from the strongest bamboo (Tonkin) for the frame and a mixture of fibre (Carbon and Hemp) for the joints.

BMX Tuah, simple bikes

Tonkin bamboo has the highest density of fibres, giving it strength and flexibility. It grows consistently straight and the bamboo nodes are well-spaced. These properties below make it stand out as a qualified material for making a bamboo bike:

  • Metal-like strength and durability
  • Eco-friendly and natural material
  • Shock absorbent for good suspension
  • Light-weight and easy to transport

Both carbon and hemp fibres are the preferred materials for the joints as they are:

  • Highly mouldable insulation materials
  • Industrial grade proven strong and durable
  • Highly tolerant of temperature changes and chemicals
Tuah, Simple, bamboo Bike

BMX Tuah is available as a complete bike and it’s loaded with some high quality parts.


  • ONXY Rear and Front Hub
  • BOX Tires & Gold Rims
  • BOX Brake Cables
  • BOX Stem, Handlebars & Grip
  • Answer Carbon Fibre Fork
  • RENNEN USA Speed Cog & Chain Ring
  • TUAH Gold Headset, Seatpost & Chain Tensioner
Onyx Hubs, Simple Bike,

Find out more about how Simple Bikes manufactures their Eco-friendly bamboo frames on Simple.Bike

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