Zangle Gamplay Demo, Set Enterprises Toy Fair 2019

Friends to, Colette and Bree Popp of Set Enterprises did a fun demo of their new card game. The game is called Zangle and it made its debut at Toy Fair NY 2019. A Zangle is a combination of two or more cards that make the shape on another card. With three ways to play, you can choose to take your time in Turn-Style, race your opponents in Speedster, or play Solitaire to keep your brain kicking and heart ticking.

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In the video Colette and Bree give us detailed instruction on how to play Zangle in the Turn-Style, zero points style game. Then they battle it out in a round of Speedster. It’s a speed game where the first person that sees a Zangle has to say “Zangle”. They get access to those center card and the first person that runs out of their cards wins the round. You have to see it, it’s funny and wild!

Right after our interview, a rep from Parent tested Parent Approved came over to present Set Enterprises with their “Best Of Toy Fair” award and I got it on film. So cool!!

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