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SE Bikes Reveals The New Beastmode Ripper

Todd Lyons and DBlocks of SE Bikes did a quick reveal of the 2020 Beastmode Ripper last night! The new bike is called the “Money Lynch” and features 100 dollar bills wrap print around the entire frame. The forks and handlebars get the 100 dollar bill treatment too. The head tube is fully integrated this time around, so no more playing with headset cups ;). Another new feature are the Oakland bars which are bigger and taller with a 12 degree back sweep. Gold and green are the colors used on the components to compliment to frame and the Money theme of the bike.

The Money Lynch Beastmode Ripper makes its debut at the Seattle Ride Out tonight. And yes Marshawn Lynch will be riding the new wip at the ride out!

marchawn lynch bmx cards

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