rap kings-3d toy back

Rap Kings Collectible Toy Figure Now In 3D!

The Rap Kings collectible toy figure that we posted a few weeks ago is getting closer to becoming a reality. The mastermind behind Rap Kings, Chris B. Murray recently posted images of a 3D rendering of his toy. The 3D image was done by @Scartoccio of Concrete Jungle and it looks FIRE!!!

rap kings boom box toy figure

Chris plans on producing 100 resin units, which will stand at 10″ tall. Each figure will be put in custom RAP KINGS packaging. On the back of the boombox figure you’ll see some of Chris’s hip-hop role models as stickers. The stickers on the back represents the stickers Chris had on his boombox as a kid! As of this article, the Kickstater for this piece only has 17 hours to go and it’s only $3000 shy of being fulfilled. If your looking to ad this amazing piece to your collection CLICK HERE and help Chris make it a reality

boom box toy rap kings 3d

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