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Gear Hero – BMX Graphic Novel by Jake Novel

In our search for all things BMX, we came across this graphic novel called Gear Hero. The story was written by Jake Maddox who has a series of sport based graphic novels and books. Gear hero is one of a few BMX based graphic novels by Jake. The awesome illustration is done by Eduardo Garcia

About Gear Hero:

“Nelson Greenwood loves drawing superheroes, particularly the hero of his own comic book, Major Speed, modeled on Nelson’s twin brother Nick, a skilled BMX rider–but when a crash knocks Nick out of a competition, and he suggests that Nelson take his place, Nelson is not sure he can summon the skills of Major Speed and compete against the best BMX riders, particularly Nick’s nemesis, Cain Otto.

jake maddox, gear hero

Nelson Greenwood loves BMX racing, almost as much as he loves to draw superheroes. The hero of his own comic book, Major Speed, isn’t afraid of anything, much like Nelson’s twin brother Nick. Nelson looks up to Nick and his mad BMX skills. But when a rough crash keeps Nick out of the BMX-Treme Competition, he suggests that Nelson take his place.

However, Nelson doesn’t think he has what it takes to compete against the best racers in the city – especially Nick’s nemesis, Cain Otto. Can Nelson shift gears and muster the courage and strength of Major Speed to compete in the race?”

Combining a high-stakes sports story with a dynamic full-color comic format, this Jake Maddox Graphic Novel is sure to be a win for young athletes and struggling readers alike.”

We think it’s cool that there’s a graphic novel about BMX racing. Definitely gonna check it out. Also in our search, we found a few more BMX based books. We’ll be posting more of them in the near future.

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