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SE Bikes DUB Ripper Coming This Summer

SE Bikes continues to bring that heat with a new bike, The DUB Ripper! This bike is a collaboration between SE Bikes and DUB Media Group. DUB Media group are the guys behind DUB Magazine and the DUB Auto Show.

vee tires dub edition
Vee Speedster “Dub Edition” 29″ tires

The DUB Ripper made its debut this weekend when SE had their annual Philly Ride Out. This is also the same weekend as the Philly Auto Show. Of course DUB Auto Show has their section of amazing custom wips at the event and they also have the DUB Ripper on display there too.

29″ Vee Speedster “Dub Edition” Tires

The DUB Ripper on display at the DUB Auto Show is the only one in the world at the moment but the bike will be in production soon and will be available at dealers this spring!

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