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Bike Of The Day: John’s Daylight ARC c1 Mini Blacklight

Today’s Bike Of The Day is a Daylight ARC c1 Mini Blacklight that John Milliron built up for his daughter. The matte black & gold colorway look amazing on this bike

daylight aric c1 mini blacklight


“This bike actually started out as a bit of wishful thinking on my daughter’s part.  She had long admired the company and spoke of wanting a “black and gold Daylight.”  We had pushed it off a bit, thinking she would move on, like most kids do.  Instead, she spent months telling us about it, drawing pictures of it, and finally she wrote a letter to Santa saying she had been exttrrraaaa good. So, we got in touch with Richard of Daylight and told him what we were thinking and what she wanted.  By Christmas, Santa (aka Richard), had delivered and the rest was history.”   

arc c1 daylight mini bmx

“My wife and I grew up in small family owned business and really appreciate that aspect of Daylight.  In fact, after we met Richard’s son, he took a look at the bike and said, “I bet I was the elf that boxed it up for you!”   It’s the small things like that make a company like Daylight special.  Each frame is more than just simply a frame.” ~John Milliron 

daylight min20 bmx bike


Frame – Daylight ARC c1 Mini Blacklight with satellite gold graphics dropouts

Fork – Yess Reach 
Bars – Box Carbon 3″

box handlebars 3inch

Stem – Von Sothen 24.5mm
Grips – Odi lock-on
Brake Lever – Gold Promax
Brakes – Gold Promax
Hubs – Onyx Ohm
Rims – E6 Suppressor=20

 E6 Suppressor 20

Front Tire – Box Hex lab 20×1 1/8
Rear Tire – Box Hex Lab 20×1 1/8
Cranks – Von Sothen M4 130mm
Sprocket – Rennen 36tPedal – Helium Mini Gold
Chain – KMC X9SL
Seat – Box Echelon Carbon

Daylight head tube badge bmx

Awesome build!!!

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