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The Battle Of The SE Bikes Big City Rippers (Poll)

So I started a new poll called the Battle Of Big City Rippers! It’s based off of the recent city themed SE Bikes Big Ripper that came out. I did one for the first two that came out(the NYC & LA Rippers) and now that the Philly Ripper came out I had to make a new poll. If everything works right I’ll be able to update this poll as more Rippers get released.

Rate All The Big City Rippers!!

So I decided to step things up for the Big City Ripper Battle and give you guys and gals an opportunity give each bike a rating. Now instead of just voting for your favorite bike you can actually rate the bike’s color, overall style and collectible status. The bike with the top rating can claim Big City Ripper Supremacy!!

NOTE: You’ll have to goto each Big City Ripper Article page in order to rate them. Just click on the bikes name/image in the chart below.


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SE Releases The Philly Big Ripper!! ANOTHER BMX BANGER!!!

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