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I Suck At Wheelie But I Can Manual Far AF – T-Shirt

I suck at wheelies but I can manual far AF!!! That statement is so true for so many BMXers out there. Whether it’s because they were too busy trying to master barspins and grinds or they just haven’t perfected feathering their brakes to keep their front wheel up, a lotta folks have issues trying to wheelie. Now technically Manuals are suppose to be harder than wheelies but a lotta of riders who have manuals dialed find it harder to do wheelies for any long distance. It’s pretty funny when you think of it, so I made it a shirt 😉

I suck at wheelies bmx t-shirt

What is a Manual?

For those of you who don’t know what a manual is, It basically doing a wheelie but without pedaling. You have to keep your front wheel up by just balancing on your rear wheel. Now some people use their brakes to help but if you do it right you can manual without the use of brakes.

You can get a “I Suck At Wheelies” tee HERE

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