hyper bikes 26 bmz cruiser

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Hyper Makes Affordable 26″ Jet Fuel BMX Cruiser

Hyper Bicycles recently released a super affordable 26″ BMX cruiser complete!! This bike is geared for newbies, kids, “Bike Life” and casual riders. It features a custom jet fuel colorway, front caliper brakes, rear v-brakes and 3 piece cranks. Other features include a retro style frame pad, alloy rims, rear pegs and anodized gold parts. It looks like they went real old school with a 1 inch, threaded headset and quill stem but at $168, I can’t complain.

I couldn’t find any geometry specs on the bike and I assume the frame, fork and bars are Hi-Ten. Regardless of all that. This is a great looking bike, especially at that price point. And that’s basically all I ask for when major bike brands make these “affordable” BMX bikes……. just make it look good! I would say my only real gripe is the headset and Quill stem setup. Hopefully they’ll make an upgraded version with a modern day front end. The Hyper Jet Fuel 26″ should get A LOT more kids on bikes and that’s a great thing!

Visit HyperBicycles.com for more info.

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