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Stormy Vault’s Galaxy Show! Designer Toy Show 3.20

This Saturday March 20th, Stormy Vault is doing their Galaxy Show on Facebook Live! The event is a virtual designer toy convention featuring some of todays best artist and designers! Online selling, auctions, and giveaways will be going down at the event too!

We have collaborated with different artists to showcase galaxy-themed exclusive figures for the show.

~Stormy Vault

Below is a list of the awesome galaxy themed toys featured at the event.

  1. “In a Galaxy Far Far Away…” by Fluff Riot
  2. “Angle of death Robin in Galaxy” by Kottonfactory
  3. “Escape” by Red Guardian
  4. “Space Cat Luna” by The Steffi
  5. “Imperial Nano Teq” by Jared Circusbear
  6. Cosmic KUMA- “My god, it’s full of stars” by Dead Beat City
  7. “Galaxican” by RunDMB
  8. “Lost in Space” Maneki Wananeko by Javier Jimenez
  9. “River bats” by Nicky Davis
  10. “Lil Oddy Space Suit” by Iky
  11. “The Keeper (of the galaxy)” by Kaymaycreates

The event is from 8 to 10 PM EST and it all goes down on

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