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Beats x Bikes -Steady- Chillhop Instrumental By Crazy Al Cayne

Steady is a beat I produced back in 2005 when I was really on my beat making grind. It has always been a favorite of mine and I’ve used it on different bed track to some of my interview videos and other edits. It’s a chill but hard Hip Hop beat that was made way before the term “Chillhop” was ever thought of lol!! Bandcamp release I added more sounds to complete the track at all these years.

Today I made a new instrumental video series called Beats & Bikes”. It featured me getting busy on my bike or just cruising around town on my bike while one of my beats play. I wanted to do something different with my beat videos and finally figured it out lol! The video has the original beat but for the Bandcamp release I added some more sounds to make it a more complete instrumental. Check it out below

Now I want to redo my other beats videos but I have a ton more beats so I guess I’ll just keep it moving. I may even throw it in a future Spittin In Da Wip episode. Stay tuned for more!

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