A-F-R-O – Alphabetical Algorithm – Crazy Keyword Rap

A-F-R-O went “lyrical monster” on his latest single Alphabetical Algorithm! He used his signature rapid fire flow to spit a gillion words alpabetically from A-Z! He literally spit a bunch of Keywords alphabetically. And we all know you need keywords for the omnious algorithm hence the title of the song 😉 I call it Keyword Rap lol! But he somehow made all kinda make sense. All the beat on the track were dope but I was loving that first one. Salute to A-F-R-O for this one!

  • Beats prod. by: A-F-R-O & SuperBrownBum
  • Video shot by: @whatupitscasp
  • Video edited by: A-F-R-O
  • Song mixed by: Toriono “RPGeez” Gandy @ Dig Dug Studios Record store: Nice Guy Eddie’s in Bellflower, CA

Much love to the late, great @realgiftofgab This track is a homage to Alphabet Aerobics. Salute to Papoose.



Yes! Gather around, class!
Let’s learn some alphabets..

Astronomical A-F-R-O, the animal after advantage
Animosity anecdote, anatomical action figure
Allen Iverson the answer, I’m out for the bell
Allow the Alpha male to announce the alphabetical algorithm
Been the big boy, badder, the boom is banging, the bombastic
Bone the breakin’ and bashin’, born the bull, I bring the bag in
Crossin’ the coroner, cost of the coordinate can capture you
Cornea crasher, cold crew, coagulated cancer
Definite Don, the dumb deficit, done a Debbie Downer
Dimmin’ it down, the demolition derelict, dare to denounce him
Every evening, easily, egotistical evil men
Eager to eat up the ether, but Elohim go to ease him in
Finish the final fantasy, fight the fire no fallacy
Or fright, I’m free to not be afraid, I found my family
The good guy glow, but gone to grow get great
Give it no grudge, goodbye, gone, I go against the grain
Hotter than habanero, holla, hear it to hold ya horse
Haberdashery horror, but homie you honestly be horrible
If it isn’t or is it, inflicted injury image
Into my intellect, innuendo leave the end illicit
James, John, Jay, Jane, Joe, Jim, Jhaleh
Jocelyn, Jill, Jack, Junie B. Jones, and Jake
King Kong came calm, kick cape off, kid
Cannot kill the creative King, my cannon’ll pop up at the Klu Klux
Listen up to the loser, that love to live it, and lately
I been lazy, in La La Land, illusion of eLevating
May I maybe, make me, I’m made of melanin
Made to be amazing, but I might as well be malevolent
Now or nothing, the never. the noun, the number, the nectar
The knucklehead ninja with the knowledge network, my neologism
The onslaught of opportunists, operative, obviate, off of the
Onerous, ominous, ogliarchy be the opponent
No ordinary oracle, no order to be obedient
Orale, but I’m obdurate, occupy oppressor
Pressure pen plaster, pessimist, no pacifist, or pedantic
You prefer to be perfidious, but I’m the perilous pugnacious
Pinnacle prowess, provocative, proverbial, professor

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