MTB Pro Blake Samson Holds His Own In His First BMX Race.

Here it is! Part two of pro mountain biker Blake Samson competing in a BMX race for the first time. The GMBN team rider recently dropped a video where he was practicing on the track and in this video he gets to rub elbows with some fast locals. He did a great job for his first time racing BMX. He came in first place in moto 1, 2nd in moto 2 and 2nd in the third moto. I’m not sure what class he was racing in but it was looking like intermediate.

He was in 2nd place during the main and then got passed in the last turn. But all in all Blake was looking good out there. Hopefully this series will inspire more MTBers in to BMX racing.

BMX racing, how hard is it?.. Surely it’s not that different to mountain biking. Today is finally race day for Blake Samson! Following a much-needed coaching session with former British BMX champion John Twitchen, our ex-professional freeride mountain biker goes racing.



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