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“The Hired Gun” by Hired Gun, Directed By Crazy Al Cayne

In 2010 I’ll be making some simple, basic music videos for a new segment on CAC-TV called “Ruff Kut Videoz”. This is the first official video from the series and it’s called “The Hired Gun” by Hired Gun off of his “The People’s Verses” album. “The Hired Gun” was one of my favorite joints off The People’s Verses” album and I wanted to air it on my TV show but there was no video for it, So I made my own video for it lol.

Since I do all the editing for my TV show it’s not possible for me to take time out to do a full video music video with all the bells and whistles. That’s when I came up with the Idea of “Ruff Kut Videoz”, Stay tuned cuz there’s more to come.

Shout outs to all the heads that came through for the video;
T.R.A.C. (yankee hat)
MC Aero (Brown Leather and shades)
Prayin Mantis (lent you your gloves)
K-Swift (came late)

To find out more about Hired Gun:

Check out Hired Guns “Spittin In Da Wip” episode: When you get to the page don’t forget to rate Hired Guns performance on “Spittin In Da Wip”

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