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MPC Renaissance, HipHop Production Dopeness

 Yoooo This is the best news I heard this year so far!! There’s a new MPC on the scene called the Renaissance and it’s gonna be the new HipHop producers favorite toy 4sho!!! I wish I can get my hands on one. Here description from the Akai website “Fusing Akai Professional’s legendary MPC layout and workflow with the power of your computer, MPC Renaissance is an unrivaled instrument for music production. The new flagship is a fully integrated hardware/software system: MPC Renaissance allows you to create using classic hardware controls and an integrated pop-up display, while it’s exclusive MPC Software empowers you with unprecedented, expandable production capabilities on your Mac or PC.” NOW HOW THAT SOUND!!!! WHOA!!!
Music by AraabMUZIK, Sean C, and LV
Fusing legendary MPC layout and workflow with the power of your computer. MPC Renaissance is an unrivaled music production instrument.
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