Top Spittin In Da Wip MCs 2.18.12

Top Spittin In Da Wip MC’s As Of 2.18.12

Top Spittin In Da Wip MCs 2.18.12

It’s been a few weeks since I made my last update for the Top SIDW MC’s list and a lot has changed!! Let’s start at the top with long time #1 Spittin IN Da Wip emcee Astronomical Kid getting bumped down to the #2 spot by brown Bag Allstar member Soul Khan! Next  the Hippie Hoodlum moves up one spot to #3 bumping K. Sparks who (was once at the number one spot) down to #5!! Hired Gun is moving on up one spot to #4. Nitty Scott MC gets bumped down one spot to #7 as battle emcee Iron Solomon moves up to #6 from being at number six last time. Signif moves up one spot to #8 while long time #1 emcee Albert Rhymestein falls from seven to #9 and Fish Grease is still hanging in there at the #10 Spot! Remeber to keep those votes coming, there’s gonna be a lot more to come!

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Signif, Soul Clap

Signif “SOUL CLAP” (Music Video)

coole high, Spittin In Da Wip

Coole High Back On Spittin In Da Wip