Skyway BMX

Skyway #BMX Is Doing Big Things In 2013!

Skyway BMX2012 was a great year for SkywayBMX and although they never really left the BMX scene they most certainly made a serious come back! Skyway never stopped making their iconic Tuff 2 Mags and with the help of Ed Ferri and the crew they started to put out more than just the standard black and white mags which were the only one’s I’ve seen for sale over the years. For a while now they’ve been bringing back all the classic Tuff2 colors like the blue, red, green and the classic yellow which can all be found on Now in 2012 Skyway stepped it up another notch by bringing back their classic T/A BMX frame in  24″  and 20″ frame sizes!SKYWAY BMX ta 20The frames have been updated with the modern day BMX technology. Skyway have also brought back another classic product, the Graphite Tuff 2 mags which are lighter and stiffer than their regular Mags.Skyway tuff 2, graphites I have a pair of the new Graphites and their amazing on the track and at the skateparks, you’ll be seeing me shredding  in 2013 with my Graphites 4sho!! I can’t wait to see what Skyway has in store for the rest of 2013…Word on the street is their might be an new race frame in the works…shhhhhhh! 🙂

For more info on all Skyway products visit

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