Thunderbirds are a go tribute

Thunderbirds Are Go – A Tribute Video by Yoko Higuchi (@resistance0101)

So I was walking in Central Park with my daughter and I saw these 4 guys on the park bench getting ready to shoot a scene so I went over and inquired about the shoot. I spoke to the director who’s name was Yoko Higuchi and he told me he was in the middle of shooting his indie film entitled “The Scavengers”. He was a cool dude so we exchanged info and I took an Instagram picture of him and his crew. When I got home I went to Yoko’s Youtube page to check out his work and came across this amazing tribute video he made of the classic marionette puppet Thunderbirds TV show. Thunderbirds was one of my childhood favorite TV shows, me and my dad use to watch this show all the time back in the day and I loved the different vehicles. Below is the official description of this amazing tribute video via Yoko’s Youtube page:

One of my most anticipated moments of my vacation in Japan. I paid a visit to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, which is part of Miraikan in Tokyo, to see the limited time exhibit for the nostalgic TV series, “Thunderbirds”. I watched this awesome show first when I was a little child and it was just a pleasure seeing all the props used for the television show I watched as a child. I couldn’t resist the temptation of filming the stuff displayed so I then decided to create this short tribute with the main theme by Barry Gray as the background soundtrack.

How dope was that to be able to see the Thunderbirds exhibit up close like that!?! Big shout out to Yoko for making this video!
Thunderbirds are a go tribute

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