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Perspective Is The Best HipHop Song You’ll Hear All Day (@printmatic)

Columbus, Ohio emcee Blueprint dropped a major bomb on the masses with his new single/video “Perspective”!! “Perspective” starts with the subject of all the violence going on around the world and how we all need to respect everyone’s suffering no matter what the circumstance.

“Every single life is sacred in Gods eyes”.

The also song brings to light the fact that no one on this planet is better than anyone else no matter if your rich or poor so respect one another. Plus the song touches on the fact that no matter how bad things may be, they can always be worse so be happy with what you got.

This is one of the deepest songs I’ve heard all year and it’s very well written. Blueprint’s Perspective is on point and I think everyone should take to time to really hear what he’s saying in this song. BIG BIG up to Blueprint for this one!! This is that powerful HipHop that the powers that be are scared to have us listen to. Make sure you request this video and song to all the major media outlets! …….And did I mention the beat is Banging too!!


blueprint prospective

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