simpson futurama crossover

Fox to Release The Simpsons – Futurama Crossover Episode

simpson futurama crossover
You probably already know of the upcoming Family Guy/ The Simpsons crossover episode(Airing Sept 28th) but did you know that the crew from Futurama will be crossing over into Springfield as well?! Yep it’s official the re-canceled Futurama will join Homer and his peeps for a special Simpsons episode called “Simpsorama”! The tagline of the episode reads, “A show out of ideas teams up with a show out of episodes.” lol! Fox released a few images from the crossover and the episode will air on November 9th, you know I can’t wait for this!!!
bender vs homer

Simpsorama will focus on a complicated, sci-fi plotline in which Bender travels back in time in order to kill Bart and prevent a worldwide catastrophe, which originates from radioactive waste, Milhouse’s rabbit’s foot and “Bart blowing his nose on a sandwich”.

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