DMC Comic Cover
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DARRYL “DMC” McDANIELS, DMC Graphic Novel Drops Today @DMCMakesComics

DMC Comic Cover
HipHop pioneer/Legend DMC’s released is first full length graphic novel DMC #1 dropped today and we’re excited to check it out! I remember interviewing DMC back in 2011 at Wizard World Philly and he was telling me about venturing into the comic book world. We recently saw him at the Comics & HipHop panel at the New york Comic Con. Everyone was really excited to hear what DMC had to say about how comics influenced him and his career as a HipHop artist. He also had a booth setup in Artist Alley and his booth was swamped with fans wanting to take photos with him and check out his new graphic novel.
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Hip hop pioneer and icon Darryl “DMC” McDaniels announced today that he is bringing his love for comics full circle with the creation of his very own independent publishing house, Darryl Makes Comics. Working alongside his partner and collaborator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, DMC #1, the first full length graphic novel is completed, and is slated for release on October 29th,

Darryl Makes Comics is an independent comic book imprint created by Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, collaborator and Editor-in-Chief Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, and music executive Riggs Morales. Darryl Makes Comics is dedicated to the idea that every walk of life has heroes and stories worth telling. “Hip hop was always based on creativity,” DMC says, “So what we’re trying to do with this comic book is not trying to create anything that’s new; we’re just going to show the world what’s already thereā€¦ the beauty and the creativity of it.”

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