se bikes, Crazy Al Cayne

Crazy Al Cayne’s, 2015 PK Ripper Elite XXL (@SeBikes)

se bikes, Crazy Al Cayne


This past weekend at the Sugar Cayne Bike Fest at Tri-City BMX was the first time I took my new 2015 PK Ripper Elite XXL on the track and it felt awesome and fast! SE Bikes is the official bike of Team Corrosive and I recently got  down with the team. Of course you know I’m always representing Skyway Wheels and that MagLife so I got my wip rolling on some Graphites. I also have those fresh SE Landing Gear Forks which look really fresh in white. I also have Elevn bars and stem, Super big shout out to BMX Racing Group who’ve been showing me major support. I also have a Snafu Seat/Post combo, big big shout out to Snafu for being major supporters of the Sugar Cayne Bike fest! I think I’ve have these Profile cranks on every bike that I have lol.

This is just phase one of my PK Build, more changes to come but I had to post this pic taken by my dude Lu Garcia because it looks so fresh! Stay tuned!

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