New Photos: Havoc Bicycles “Hellfire” BMX Racing Frame

The crew over at Havoc Bicycles posted a bunch of new photos of their Hellfire 20″ BMX racing frame via their Facebook Fan Page! The frames are made in USA and are available in Limited quantities from expert through pro XXXL sizes. They come in black or white and you can choose which graphics package you want on the frame. The graphics packages come it red, green, blue, orange, pink, purple, white.

The XXXL frame comes in a 23 inch top tube, rear end is 15.25 through 16.75.
The XXL frame comes in a 22 inch top tube with a the shorter rear end 14.25 through 15.25 (14.75 on center)
The frames cost $550. Contact Havoc Bicycles via their Facebook page for more details

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