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Glen Cove First City Project Opening (500+ Photos)

The town of Glen Cove Long Island has just become a lot hipper with the grand opening of the First City Project! The historic JH Coles Homestead has been transformed into an art mecca with every inch of the building’s walls done over in beautiful graffiti illustrations and art pieces. Over 100 participating artists from all over participated in this project and the final results are amazing! We took over 500 photos from the event in the gallery below. Super huge shout out to Joe LaPadula for his vision and leadership on this project!!

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About First City Project:
“The goal of the First City Project is to introduce the residents of the City of Glen Cove and surrounding communities to the next generation of urban themed artists through the transformation of a 9000 square foot historic structure. The Coles House as a designated city landmark structure has architecture details dating back to 1810 with additional portions that could be traced back as far as 1690. It was the home to one of the original five founding families of the City of Glen Cove. Although chronologically historic, this building has long been neglected and essentially abandoned for years until local businessman Joe LaPadula had a vision to infuse new life into the structure through an ambitious art program. The essence of FCP is to use Coles House as a platform to introduce the community of Glen Cove to a new genre of art and showcase the rising local area talents with numerous NY area street art professionals. FCP aims to start a dialogue with the community where a balance can be achieved through a new art medium and a new spirit of creativity that can rise alongside the traditional values within the first city on Long Island. Future projects at Coles House include live art events, mural projects, student art classes, artisanal food events and street art themed boutiques. The City of Glen Cove is now poised to move forward as a leader in the arts community and FCP is the ideal platform to initiate the conversation of how art and urban renewal can be successfully partnered.”

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