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Open Mike Eagle x Paul White – Dang Is Invincible – (Dirty)

For Mello Music Group artist Open Mike Eagle & Paul White’s video for “Dang Invincible” they linked up indie 2D animation studio, Doulzia to create the visuals. The result is an awesome anime style cartoon.

Doulzia founder and director Alex Pierre explains the premise of the video:
“Conceptually the video parallels Mike’s stream of consciousness and the narrative style of rap. The video follows Studio Doulzia’s Noul (the protagonist of their film concept Skeletonblood) moving through train cars in a New York Subway Q Train. Noul anxiously looks for a train car where she can feel at ease, her journey speaks to finding assurance and humor in the subtle unfamiliarities that exist within the atmosphere of intimate settings like train cars, that otherwise could make a person feel vulnerable. The song felt really visceral, and we wanted to capture that as much as we can visually.”

The video debuted on Adult Swim’s Toonami last month (2/25/17), pretty dope!!

About Doulzia:

As a diverse and international team largely made up of marginalized people native to and currently residing in the USA, Canada, and Japan we celebrate our own distinctive personal experiences, embracing our familiarities and learning from our differences.

We would hope that not only artists would be inspired by our model to spread the concept of universal togetherness and invest energy to make that a part of their own lives . For animators, we hope to demonstrate that you can do this with or without industry. You don’t need anyone’s permission, you can carve out your own space.

Our overarching goal is crafting feature film animation reflective of groups unfairly censored or underrepresented in media; POC and LGBTQ people, While refining Doulzia’s house aesthetics. As well as stretch the culture of animation to reach disciplines in fashion and music.

Directed by Alex Pierre
Music Producer Paul White
Vocals Open Mike Eagle

Art Director: Suzuka Kishida
Lead Animator: Nijuku
Core Animation Team: Sam Speck & Lukas Anderson
Additional Animation: Silver Paul, Suzuka Kishida
Pixel Animation/Art: Alex Pierre
Character Design: Suzuka Kishida & Alex Pierre
Animation Cleanup/Color: Seth McGhee, Nijuku, Sam Speck, Lukas Anderson, Alex Pierre, Yvonne Ho
Background Art: Suzuka Kishida
Storyboards: Alex Pierre
Compositor: Eric Braford
Translation: Daniel Ruiz, Eric Bradford
Skeletonblood created by Alex Pierre
Animation Assistance: Kofi Fiagome, Jay Luo
Logo Vector: CYKNG
Audio Assitance: Brian Perry
Translation: Sohail Oz Ali
Color/Lighting Advice: Yog Joshi
And Pumpkin

From the album “Hella Personal Film Festival”
We Love stuff like this!!

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