Haro Sport Liniage 2018 20inch
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2018 Haro Lineage Complete Line Release At Interbike

The 2018 Haro Lineage Competes are here and they look amazing!! Haro has really out done its self this time around with updates to 3 of their classic bikes. First up is the 1988 Haro Team Master…Yes the one that came in that aqua colorway!!! If you were around when this bike first came out you already know how awesome this is. Everybody wanted this bike and it looks just as amazing now as it did back then. The bike comes in 20″ and 26″ sizes! Next up is the classic 1988 Haro Team Sport in that sick black/chrome colorway. The Sport also comes in 20″ and 26″ sizes. And last but not least is a the 1988 Haro Group 1 “Pistol” Pete Loncarevich signature model 29″!!! BOOM!!

In the video Haro’s BMX Brand Manager John Buultjens introduces the 2018 Haro Lineage completes at Interbike and breaks down all the amazing features of each one. Now how’s that for awesome news!! Time to save up! 🙂

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