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Zeronine WORKS BMX Race Frames Are Back

Legendary BMX brand Zeronine is on a roll with their limited edition WORKS race frames. The frames are constructed from 7075 Aluminium and they are designed and developed in Southern California. They’re available in 20 INCH PRO, 20 INCH PRO XXL, 24 INCH PRO, 24 INCH PRO XL, 24 INCH PRO XXL, OS PRO, OS PRO XL OS PRO XXL Mini, Jr and Expert

You get them in either v-brake or disc brake versions and they come in either white or black colorway’s.

That’s all the info we could find on the frames. There is a chart with the geometry specs on it but when I tried to blow it up it go blurry and hard to read.

Visit ZeronineApparel.com for more details.

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