Another Dirt Jump Feature Added To The Jet line, LGA

We made a lot of progress on the Jet Line yesterday. Filled in the new table AKA “LGA” a lot more today. It’s not finished yet. Started really jumping it today with Adam and Lennox. It’s easy to over clear at speed so we’re gonna make it longer but it’s a lotta fun. SO cool to see all the different bike types riding this line, it’s really coming together. We’re gonna keep the new jump closed to the public until it’s done, the landing is very sketchy currently.

I also got some footage of Aiden, Adam Lennox Vinny and some other riders getting busy on the line. My dude Nigel Cummings even stopped by for a few laps!!

Shout out to Adam, Darwin, MTB Matt, and that guy who was shredding on that tan full suspension for helping out.

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