“Roach Egg” A Parody Of “Up In The Club” by 50 Cent

This is “Roach Egg” a parody of “Up In The Club” by 50cent and it’s the roach anthem! LOL! This was one of my favorite parody songs and one of the first videos that I directed with my cousin Vern. The funny part about this video is we actually went to a pet store somewhere in Jersey to find roaches. The store had all kinds of bugs but they didn’t have Roaches so we filmed the bugs in the store. Then after about 10mins the guy in the store came out with this big ass roach that he said he just caught in the back of the store….. he wanted to say it was a “Water Bug” LOL!! Anyways he had the roach in a little plastic container and gave it to us for 25cent. So we got in the car with the roach in the plastic container and the roach didn’t move at all. We shook the container and plucked it but the roach just stood there. So Vern was like “Yo just crack the lid open a little” I was like “I dunno” and after a few mins of joking around about it I started to crack the lid open……As soon as I cracked the lid open and the air came in the contaner……That Roach tried to take off on us!!!!! I was like “OH SHIT!!!!!!” Yo that roach almost got out and would have been running around in the car!!!!!! Luckily the roach didn’t get out but he had us shook for a second LOL!!!

Anyways we got back to the crib, left the roach in the container but we forgot to put holes in it so the roach would have some air so the next morning when it was time to shoot the video the roach was half dead. But it worked out because he couldn’t really run that fast so we were able to maneuver him they way we wanted. Anyways that was a little behind the scenes story about the Roach Egg video. Check it out!

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