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Top 10 S.I.T.W. MC 2.11.11

Wassup ya’ll I’m back with the weekly top 10 Spittin In Da Wip MCs! There’s been a lot of activity on the list since the last time I posted one and now we have a whole new list of top MC’s. Currently we have a reigning champion coming in at the #1 spot, he’s been #1 for long time and he goes by the name of Albert Rhymestein! He did in my opinion one of the best freestyles if not thee best freestyle to date on Spittin In Da Wip. Coming in at #2 is queens mc Garvey, Garvey did his thing in Da Wip and voters listened. For a few weeks BS our #3 mc was in the #2 Spot  before Garvey bumped him down. One thing I been noticing is that the MC’s who throw in a good freestyle when their In Da Wip wind up getting a higher rank in the charts. Coming in at #4 is Brooklyn MC Popula who did just that, a little written alittle fritten and a little freestyle goes a long way. Rounding off the top5 is “Mr Spittin In Da Wip” himself Astronomical kid who Destroyed the Mic on his episode. Astro was dominating the charts for weeks until Albert Rhymestein bumped him down. So far Astro and Albert are the best of the best of this Spittin In Da Wip series, there are a few more that are up there too, I’ll be making a DVD later this year about that. Coming in at #6 is Bronx femcee J La P, the ladies have been doing their thing In Da Wip and you’ll be seeing a lot more of them this year on the show. #7 Was Brooklyn mc Rico Da Don(Who killed it) and #8 is last years chart dominator Hired Gun! Long Island femcee Fire Arson comes in a #9 and La Femme Nikita is at the #10spot. Find out who moves up, moves down on next friday’s Top 10 Spittin In Da Wip weekly chart review.

If you’d like to get on Spittin In Da Wip goto to the Show Calendar and find out when we’re shooting our next episodes then register.

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