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Napoleon Da Legend – Junk Yard Dog directed by Crazy Al Cayne

@CrazyAlCayne and Napoleon Da Legend(@TeamNDL) just dropped another visual treat from the Sugar Cayne Experiment Vol#1 exclusively on This latest joint is called “Junk Yard Dog” and it features cuts and scratches by DJ Leecy T and #SpittinInDaWIp Alumni DJ M-Tri, the video was directed and edited by Crazy Al Cayne. You can download “Junk Yard Dog” on


Crazy Al Cayne released a mixtape series called “The Sugar Cayne Experiment” and Volume #1 features Napoleon Da Legend. In Experiment #1 Crazy Al Cayne aka “Sugar Cayne” get’s some beats that he produced back in the 90’s and has Napoleon Da Legend spit fire over them. Authentic 90’s beats with one of today’s dopest MC’s! The Junk Yard Dog be was produced by Crazy Al Cayne back in 1995. The format of the beat has not been altered, it is in the same format that it was when it was created.

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Below are the pictures taken during the video shoot, Big Up to Dan Clifford for the dope shots!! The First 15 pics were taken by Crazy Al Cayne
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Junk Yard Dog Lyrics:
Verse 1
Word to Spartacus/ junk dogs barkin to hurt ya marketing
Too raw for your urban department/ I’m birth/ marking the game
Too smart for you entertainers/ every thought gets syndicated
I came/ I saw I conquered and caught em slippin/ soon as he stepped
On the court/ word is bond/ no contradiction/ nonchalant wisdom
Using rocket launchers to get em/ these kids bars are brittle like bones on Juan Dixon
Non-fiction laced with don visions/ Saddam edition WMDs for the economic system
Charles Bronson in em/ blades slash ya arteries/ flat line ya artistry
With one bar from me/ just the god in me/ ghetto gospel for the masses/
My gospel’s graphic/ take a bottle of it and sip/ with no chaser
That’s the motivator/ like I’m Schwarzenegger
Napoleon and Al Cayne that’s a No brainer/
Verse 2
Storming the corner/ turn rappers into organ donors
The soul controller/ cheese and the gorgonzola
Won’t condone a/ weak presence in my cipher/ that’s like the devil being righteous
Touch mics like Midas/ murder one raps might indict us/ Dionysus/ who’s gonna die the nicest
When I spit faces screw up like Heidi Fleiss is/ learned from the best/ grew up with the shiesters
Zeitgist in the wip/ histories and arguments/ about 20 conspiracies in every bar I spit
The archetype/ even though the market tight I put my mark/ then I tell em all good night
Ya thoughts is light/ talk but never walk it right/ put it down me and you are not at all alike
Before it even started you already lost the fight
Riding my jock/ pause that/ kid get off em like
Verse 3
Open ya eyes and realize kid/ respect the verdict/
ya album was deemed garbage like Vinny Testaverde/
real heads respect the verbage/ took it a step further/
all that noise you made was an ineffective murmur/
talking bout techs and burners/ I got a license to kill
you got a learner’s permit/ you ain’t even nice for real
these rapper’s target practice/ you got the market backwards
monster bars every month is march yo I bring the madness
ya charts inadequate ya label boss had to quit
broke the labor laws/ label my bars immaculate
knocking the tables off/ I’m Abramoff laugh at bit/
after I flame it all and blame it on an accident/
making all my money back and then I tax again
that’s what you get for spittin Mylanta and laxative
no Mac-10s for massacres needed cause I just Mac the pen
Anakin causing a racket like Pope in the Vatican

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