PremRock, Spittin In Da WIp, Crazy Al CAyne
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PremRock (@planetpremrock) On #SpittinInDaWip

I got a Spittin In Da Wip Pioneer back in the hot seat! Ya’ll might remember him as Premonition from the last episode we did in 09, now he’s back as PremRock and he spit a new crazy freestyle In Da Wip!! Make sure after you watch this episode you fill out the ratings box on this page. All PremRock needs is 30 unique visitors to rate this episode so he can be eligible to get on the Spittin IN Da Wip Top 50 list
Shout out to C.Truth (@ThermalSoundWav) and Napoleon da Legend (@TeamNDL) for helping out with this episode!

PremRock, Spittin In Da WIp, Crazy Al CAyne

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