ufofev spittin in da wip
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Fev (@ufoFev) On Spittin In Da Wip With Crazy Al Cayne

On this episode I got Harlem emcee Fev to spit fire in Da Wip! Make sure you rate this episode after you watch it, all Fev needs is 30 unique viewers to rate this episode in order for him to be eligible to be on the Spittin In Da Wip Top 50 emcee’s chart! Big shout out to C.Truth (@Thermalsoundwav) and Barron Bass (@BBassTheIllest) for holding me down on this episode!
Watch and rate all the Spittin In Da Wip episodes HERE
Wanna get on Spittin In Da Wip contact us at info@sugarcayne.com
ufofev spittin in da wip

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