BIKE CHECK: Jonas Harmon’s 2015 GT Speed Series

I caught up with GT Bikes Factory rider Jonas Harmon at this years Stars N Stripes Nationals at Southpark BMX track and he gave me an exclusive look at the amazing 2015 GT Speed Series! This bike is equipped with some serious new features and I’m loving the detail of the artful lettering in the top tube, very stylish ideed. I was also diggin all the gold BOX stem and brakes on Jonas’s bike it really went great with the matte black colorway. The quick change dropout is another really dope feature of the bike and it makes changing your wheel a lot easier and faster! The whole look of the bike is really dope and it looks like a lot of fun to ride…and faaast!! Super Big shout out to Jonas for the exclusive!!

Jonas Harmon 2015 GT speed series

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